Columbus Day Centuries

100 mile bike rides to demonstrate my vitality

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1996 - My first one in years. Done on the Vision R-40. Left Carbondale about 7 A.M. arrived in Edwardsville about 5 P.M. Distance was about 110 miles. Used radio some. Rode one handed most of the day with food or radio in hand. Slow. Got really discouraged in the middle, and would have sagged in if I had been able to reach help. Done on Monday, Columbus Day. Followed Route 4 for most of the trip. Ate lunch at Subway in Sparta..

1997 - Year I decided to make it a tradition. Rode it on the Zypher Trike with Zzipper and tailbox. Got let off just south of Effingham. Started out at about 8 A.M. Rode mostly on Route 37. Felt good about doing 14 -15 mph. Arrived at the lake in West Frankfort at about 5 P.M. Ate lunch at Subway in Mt. Vernon. Stopped by cops twice. Rode it on the Friday before Columbus Day.

1998- The speed ride. Rode it on the Festina with nose and tailbox. Rode from South of Effingham to Cambria along Route 37 crossing Rend lake and then down Route 148. Fell short of a 5 hour (riding time) century by 1 minute and thirty seconds. Rode on about 12 more miles. I was off the bike for about an hour. Ate lunch at Subway in Mt. Vernon. Rode it on Friday before Columbus Day.

1999 - Family plans prohibited me riding on Columbus Day Week-end. Rode two centuries in preceding weeks. One was up and back on Route 26 on East Side of Illinois river. Rode with with nose, tailbox and tent on the Festina. 5:19 riding time. It was quite warm. The second ride was around the loop from Powerton Lake. Riding time of 5:31 (no tent). This ride was taken in stride, in fact was a ride lengthened at the end to make it a century, not planned that way.

2000 - By September 15 I had done six centuries on the Sunset, two with the Super Tail. They were all done in the neighborhood of six hours of riding time. These were all ridden from home and included riding along the bluff. By the end of September I had done two more centuries without the tail. On Columbus Day weekend, I headed out on Friday from home (Peoria) and rode south. South of Springfield I had a century in 5:35. (18 mph). I rode on and made 150 in 8:35 (17.5 mph). I was off the bike about an hour and 20 minutes so I was under 10 hours for the whole thing.

2001 - June 7 as a fund raiser I rode from Bartonville to Grafton -- 175 miles 10 1/2 hours riding 13 hour total. Many centuries in the six hour range. Added front fair to tailbox and rode in September a 5:16 with a total time of 5:35. Then Columbus Day 120 mile loop out of Bartonville. 4:42:35 for the 100 mile..

2002 - Bad year for biking. Moved to Centrailia. Only raced once all year, and probably only had 5 centuries all season. Columbus Day -- Tuesday before- 5:36 on the Cisne and beyond route. Too hilly for record times, but not in very good shape. Ran it with front, back fairings and side curtains.

2003 - Did a century on the Cisne and beyond a bit before Columbus Day. In the neighborhood of 19 mph. On Columbus Day rode to Olmsted. 114 miles. 19 mph for the 100 miles. Did both with the front and tailbox connected with cloth doors. Good year for racing. Superstreet champion.

2004 July 12 First century in the Popcycle101 fairing. Did the Cisne and beyond route in 4:52. On Sept. 30 Did the Cisne and beyond with a Dix Irvington loop. 4:36:22 21.7 mph

2005 Bad year for cycling. Only did one century, 10/17 Cisne-Dix-Irvington route. Zox 20X20 no fairing, 6:08 bad shape and hill-wind hindered. struggled after 4 hours.

2006 Sickness prevented a ride near Columbus day. Barely recovered and weather bothered I finally rode 100 miles on Oct. 20. Cold and wind made it a slow ride. Rode the purple Zox 20X20. Irvington to Okaville twice was the route. 6:30:00 was the time.

2007 Not wanting to get caught in the cold again, I did last years route on Sept.20. 18.6 mph 5hr.22min. Perfect weather. Held 19 mph til lunch (70mi.), and then sorta bonked. Riding unfaired Zox 20X20.

2008 Rode on Oct. 2 on Zox 20X20. Rode to Hoyleton-Oakaville-Hoylton-Oakaville-Hoylton-Hoffman-Huey-Home. 5:52 17mph. I had blown out my knee on the steepest hill in Indiana in August and was still recovering. Road construction put me on a lot of tar-and-chip. Very cool day, and breezes slowed me some.

2009 Rode the trusty Zox 20X20 on a bright, cool, breezy day. Time was 5hr. 39min. -- 17.7 mph. I fought a head wind from mile 70 to 90, and just didn't have anything in the tank. If I am going to do much better, I will have to learn to hydrate and eat better. Doing this just once a year does not allow for me to learn to do this optimally. I rode to Hoyleton, Huey, Hoyleton, Hoffmann, Oakaville and Home. October 5, 2009

2010 The only thing good to say about my performance is that I finished. I rode on a cool breezy day, on the Irvington-Oakaville shuttle. New pavement and lots of training time, gave me high hopes, but just didn't have the strength or toughness. The time was 6:18 or 15.9 mph. I rode the Zox 20X20.