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Six children and currently 8 grandchildren is more than enough to account for the name Pop, but where does Boston come from ?

Trot, trot to Boston.
Trot, trot to Lynn.
Trot, trot to Boston,
Way down in !

This little waif that hung around our house a lot, started calling Linda "Boston." I'll let you make up the details.

November 10, 2009
Being Put Out to Pasture

As of the first of the year I will gradually be put out to pasture, I guess, not that I was ever much of a race horse anyway. I will be going to part-time at the churches I serve. I haven't yet decided if this means that I am slipping into retirement or whether is means I will just be running on a different track, but it will mean a change of some kind. Maybe I should just become "a consultant." I hope I get to ride my bike more.

July 21, 2009
Didn't Reach My Goal

Michigan Human Powered Speed Challenge was held Tuesday through Sunday July 19. I did well in the sprint with a 31.933 mph, but not so well in the one-hour with a 20.693 mph. There were 13 record breaking performances and 8 new world records set. It is a very nice track,and I sure can't use that as an excuse for a mediocre performance. It was windy and a lot colder than I expected. I was happy when it was over.

June 15, 2009
Setting a Goal for Next Months Race

Michigan Human Powered Speed Challenge will be held Friday July 17 through Sunday July 19. I will be competing, with the fastest riders in the world, in a One-Hour time Trial, and a 200-meter Top Speed event. I have discovered that age erodes your peak power more than your endurance, so I will be mainly focused on the One-Hour time Trial. The race will be held on a newly repaved and flat 5 mile oval at the Ford Michigan Proving Grounds, located about 45 minutes north of Detroit. Last year I did an hour time trial at 20.2 mph, and that course had a hill in it. I have done a little more than 25 miles in an hour with a faired bicycle, but this summer I will be competing without any fairings. I want to set a realistic goal, and am thinking that 22 miles should be about right. What do you think ?

Ford doesn't want us to have any spectators, but if you want to come I'll put you on my pit crew.

June 15, 2009
About this Kindle Business

I love it. At first I was mainly downloading samples of books that I would see referenced on C-Span or someplace. I'd check them out and them read some of them. I ended up reading a lot more, and stuff that I probably would not have bought and read. But this led me to check out other books, many of them that were old and out of print, but readily available as e-books. Currently, having my interest piqued by reading "How the Scots Invented the Modern World" I am reading several volumes from the Scottish enlightenment. It is just a "google" and download to find out if it is a worthy read. When I find out that I'm not interested, I have little invested so that I don't experience any discouraging frustration or disappointment. It's like living in a library. The other day I was thinking that it was a long time since I read any George MacDonald. Sixty seconds later, "Miracles of Our Lord", and "Unspoken Sermons" were sitting on the Kindle waiting for me to get to them.

If you are thinking about joining the Kindle crowd and think you might like to share purchased books, we can do this by sharing an account. I am currently reading a small percentage of the best sellers. This could save some money. Let me know if you are interested.

March 11, 2009
Decided to Go for a Kindle 2

Although I guess I can hardly claim to be an early adopter, I think that maybe Amazon has something here. Usually my interest in a book fades before I can actually get a copy in my hands and so what I read is always in the same old rut. With instant delivery and reasonable cost, I am hoping that I end up reading a wider variety of material and end up reading more. Perhaps some of this is frustration with televsion and the invasion that it makes into one's personal schedule. Maybe when pledge week is over, and Congress goes into recess again, so that C-span has something besides blah, blah blah; my interest will change.

I'll try and update you on the real effect after I have lived with this thing. Meanwhile, let me know what you think I should read, and if it is instantly downloadable, maybe I'll do it.

January 7, 2009
Well I Finally Got a Domain

With the competition heating up in the ISP department, you need to be nimble to get that great deal. So I decided that I needed an email address that wasn't tied to a service provider -- one that I could expect to use for the rest of my life. I never liked browser based email, so I went for a domain. Figuring out what to call it, and have that be still available delayed me for awhile, but I finally up and did it. Here it is.
for Linda.

Pop is the guy with the beard that rides funny bikes. Above is his current steed. Below is the bike on which he rode his fastest 100-mile-ride. You can research his racing forays at the Wisconsin-Illinois HPVers website . He races under the Human Power Race America sanctioning body.

You can find information about his recreational riding here.